CRS Colony Is Growing

Just posted some photos and a video of my CRS colony. I started these guys back in November with 10 shrimp. The colony is growing nicely with lots of new shrimplets scurrying around!  Check out the video page to see them going to town on some Azoo Max Growth wafers.

Root Caps Now Available!

AMP Aquatic Root Caps now available in the shop.  25 Caps / 00 Size  Great for all root feeding plants.

Shop Open! New Items Coming Soon!

The shop is now working correctly and properly calculating shipping costs.  Much thanks to the great support @ WP Online Store!

Shipping Issues

I’m having some issues with the shipping calculation in the store.  I need to do some more testing but I know for sure that the Express checkout with PayPal is not calculating shipping correctly.  Basically its coming up with a flat $7.50 charge for everything.  That’s great for fish orders, but not so great for plants or 4dkh, which should be less, $5.00 less for the 4dkh.  So until I can get this sorted out, any order which should be less than the $7.50 shipping will be refunded for the extra shipping.  Plants ship for $5.00; 4dkh for $2.50.   Refunds will be issued almost immediately (as soon I get notified by PayPal on my phone).  Fish for the time being will be shipped for $7.50 (a great deal, normally $9 to $14).

Videos Online!

Just posted some new videos so head over to the Video page and check um out.

….The new store is also open for business!

Platinium Blue / Yellow Mosaics

Baby Bristlenose

Giving a good cleaning to my crypts

New Guppy Lines

For those wondering what the new lines I talked about in the last post are…

Multi – SnakeSkins – Red-Orange, Blues, Purples & Yellows – they throw all 4 colors and sport massive tails, females are very big and also have large tails.

Blue Platinum Mosaics – Throw both Blue & Yellow colors, have large half moon tails, very pretty, very active.  These are currently juveniles, first generation from the imported Thai parents. [Line from ATFG]

Lastly I’m starting a breeding colony of Bristlenose Pleco that I recived from Geminiluna @ TPT in a most generous RAOK (Thanks again Geminiluna!).  These are long fins and even in there small size (1″ to 1.5″) they are quite good looking.

below is a poor iphone pic of the Snakeskins

Busy Week

It’s been a crazy past week. Iv been building new tank racks, receiving some new lines of guppies, setting up bristlenose pleco breeding in my indoor pond and lastly a brine shrimp hatchery. Pictures of the new tank racks and new fishes will be added to the galley soon.